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What are the most dangerous holidays on American roads?


Most holidays see increased traffic on roads in California and throughout the U.S., but some tend to bring about more traffic accidents than others. Recent data from the Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS), shared by, sheds some interesting light on the most dangerous holidays during which to drive in the U.S.

All holidays see increased risks

The winter holidays are right ahead of us and, sadly, do not rank far behind on the list of most dangerous holidays to drive. Coming right after Easter (which ranks 4th on the list) are:

5. Thanksgiving: 258 fatal accidents
6. New Year’s: 245 fatal accidents
7. Christmas: 231 fatal accidents

Alcohol consumption takes place on these holidays as well, but we must also take into account factors such as ice and snow, which add additional hazards to the roads in cold-weather states.

Los Angeles is especially dangerous

The study also identifies the city with the most traffic deaths per holiday. While San Diego does not appear on this list, Los Angeles does, coming in first for traffic deaths on not one holiday, but three: Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Easter.

No matter where you live, we urge you to follow safe driving practices every time you get behind the wheel. During busy holidays, taking additional precautions can help you avoid making it an occasion to remember for all the wrong reasons.